Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Does mountain biking count as training?

This morning I went with a friend on a run. I didn't track the mileage, but it had to have been around 2 miles. It's a long way from 31, but that's about what I have to do right now. I tried out a technique called "eccentric heel drop" to help out my achilles. I saw it on a website the other day. Your supposed to do them twice a day for 12 weeks. It could get interesting!
I had a doozy of a day and I needed to blow off some steam, so I took off on my mountain bike after work. The Bonneville Shoreline trail from Rock Canyon down to Slate Canyon became a race course. There are some rocky sections that get a little sketchy when you go fast enough.
We also went hiking up Rock Canyon tonight. I don't know if you can count that as training, but it was pretty nice anyway. It's frustrating not to be able to run like normal.

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  1. Sounds fun! BTW "normal" is just a setting on a washing machine.....:}