Monday, April 20, 2015

50k Prep: 04/20/15

I lay on the ground and tried to breathe, but every time I took a deep enough breath the muscles in my back punished me. No one was home and I just stayed there until I was relaxed enough to get up to get my foam roller. I wasn't really expecting this to happen this morning when I planned out my training. I woke up around nine and fuddled around and rolled out my foot with a massage ball. When I got on my Twitter I read something about the Boston Marathon so I found a live stream on my computer and watched the end of it. It was a good race! the Americans were right up there! At some point I decided to run to the store to get a toothbrush because I had used mine to clean my battery terminals a few days before, gross right?! I put in my music and ran south and then hit Center Street in Provo and ran toward Smith's. My achilles tendon didn't feel too bad, but I could tell it was there. It was fun to hear that my first my split was somewhere around the 6:20's. I went in the store and found my favorite deodorant! Yes! Then I got my toothpaste and brush. My run back was fairly uneventful except that my tracker didn't tell me my mile split like it normally does! After the run I went back to my house and watched a little more of the Boston Marathon and then started some yoga. Child's pose went alright but I popped my back. Coming to my hands and knees and maybe trying the next part of the routine the pain was too much. I laid down on my stomach and tried to relax enough to breath normally. The muscles in my upper back tensed excruciatingly. I finally relaxed enough to go and get my foam roller and rolled out my back. It felt ok enough for me to try the yoga again. I got through most of the routine and was doing alright. I went through most of the day with pain in my back it felt better when I took off up some stairs. Advil also helped to alleviate some of the pain. "Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there..."-("Drive"-Incubus)

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