Friday, February 12, 2016

Chaos within the structure

I've been doing a lot of structured writing the last little while. I've been paying attention to quotes and making sure that they are right. Even though it hasn't been too much of a problem deadlines and due dates are loom in the future.
     Sometimes it's good to just put things on paper, or in this case,  on a computer screen that could turn into thousands of computer screens by the time it's finished with its journey.
     There are a lot of things on the internet. I just to ok a refresher course on how to shoot in manual on a dslr. My test subject was ever so patient as I took multiple shots of her doing her homework in the library. She has been using internet tutorials to figure out a program that she needs to use for homework in one of her classes.
     Outside apparently the smog is pretty bad, or at least that's what I'm seeing on Facebook. Some of the runners around here have been getting above it and I think I might follow suit in the morning. The snow outside hasn't melted completely away, but there is less of it than there has been in the past. Springtime is coming and with it clear trails and beautiful scenery.
     I have thought about my running this summer and I'm not sure what to go for. I could train and hit the next popular distance in ultra running or I could do another 50K and see how fast I can do it. I ran the other day and my lower leg hurt. I was reminded of how last summer lower leg pain was a shadow that lurked with me wherever I went. It was only when I slowed down before my race that I understood what it felt like to have my legs basically pain free.
     There are quite a few I's in this post.
     Today I got a text from my sister. We talked for a while and then she asked me if I had seen her Instagram post. I hadn't but I looked it up. It was a picture of a handicap symbol in a parking lot. Apparently my niece told my nephew that that was the spot where he could pee. You can't really blame her it looks like someone sitting on the pot to me!
     I talked with Don Haney the other day. This summer he spent 8 days hiking across the Uintas on the Highline trail. He started out with an 82 pound pack. He only weighs about 170 pounds himself. His trajectory kept him mostly above 10,000 feet and he hiked through rain and even snow. Wait a second ... I'm writing my assignment. Maybe I should just do it.

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